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Usando Sua Mente Richard Bandler Pdf 126

Usando Sua Mente Richard Bandler Pdf 126

Usando Sua Mente (Using Your Brain) is a book by Richard Bandler, one of the co-creators of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The book was published in 1988 by Grupo Editorial Summus in Brazil, and it has 184 pages. The book is a guide to help readers understand how they use their minds to think about and solve their everyday problems, and how they can change their mental processes to achieve better results.

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The book is divided into eleven chapters, each one exploring a different aspect of how the mind works and how to use it more effectively. Some of the topics covered are:

  • How to create and change your internal representations of reality, such as images, sounds, feelings, and words.

  • How to use submodalities, which are the qualities of your internal representations, such as size, brightness, distance, volume, etc., to change your emotional states and behaviors.

  • How to use anchors, which are stimuli that trigger specific responses in you, such as a word, a gesture, a tone of voice, etc., to access and elicit positive resources and experiences.

  • How to use reframing, which is a way of changing the meaning of a situation or a problem, to find new perspectives and solutions.

  • How to use metaphors, which are stories or analogies that convey a message or a lesson, to communicate more effectively and influence others.

  • How to use strategies, which are sequences of mental steps that lead to a desired outcome, such as learning, decision making, creativity, etc., to improve your performance and results.

The book is written in a clear and simple language, with examples and exercises to help the reader apply the concepts and techniques. The book is based on the principles and models of NLP, which is a methodology that studies how people think, communicate, and change. NLP is derived from the work of various fields of psychology, linguistics, cybernetics, and hypnosis. NLP aims to help people achieve their goals and potential by modeling the patterns of excellence of successful people.

Usando Sua Mente is one of the best-selling books by Richard Bandler in Brazil. It is also available in PDF format online. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to use their mind more effectively and efficiently.

If you want to know more about the book or the author, you can visit the following links:

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  • [Usando sua mente: as coisas que você não sabe que não sabe]

[Richard Bandler's Official Website](


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