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Mama Harley is half way to having her babies!

That's right! We are almost a month away from having a new bundle of babies to snuggle, spoil and train for some great families out there. Have you been thinking a about getting a Doodle? Now is the time to get on the waiting list. We have some openings left. These puppies will be best for the people with severe to moderate allergies, as they will shed very little to not at all. No dog is totally hypo-allergenic, as one may be allergic to the dander, saliva or even to the dog's urine. This type of Labradoodle is the multigeneration-both mom and dad are Labradoodles.

Dad, Ace- has had another big accomplishment. Not only is he a certified therapy dog, but he is now a Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D.) with Intermountain Therapy Animals, and will be going to libraries and schools for children to read to him, so that they may build their reading fluency and comprehension.

Here is a video of Mama Harley trying to get in the back of my truck, she tries and tries, but those babies just won't let the girl get her body off of the ground! LOL! She is really growing!

Once these babies are born, after 3 days I start introducing them to Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, Puppy Culture Protocol, Imprinting, handling and touching, auditory desensitization and conditioning, visual and environmental/ socialization enrichment, sound conditioning, grooming, individualized attention, leash training, separation training as a group and as individualized conditioning, house training, and basic manners/behaviors training, and finally crate training. Your puppy will have exposure to many things, yet it will be your job to continue the training. Your puppy will go home with the resources for you to be able to continue the training on your own and it will be simple enough for your family to do it, even your younger children. I will start to prepare you and your family, weeks before your puppy is to arrive at your home. I will continue to be available for the life of your dog- if you need any assistance or just want to visit. I enjoy keeping up with my puppy families and take pride in the puppies that I have raised. I love to follow my families and get follow up pictures throughout the dogs lifetime.

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