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SCAM!!! Yes, even a breeder can get scammed!! Here's my story....

I had been looking for a miniature poodle for quite some time. I've always looked on the internet, Dad and I have bought our AKC registered, health tested, dogs from different places and had them shipped in to the airports and not experienced any problems. So I figured, not a problem, I would just expect to do that again. We found this website...all was kosher-I sent a message, immediately got a response, chatted with the guy, he sent me a HE of this precious little puppy playing on the bed. I had looked at the puppy's profile and saw 6 or so pictures, kept texting the guy, ask him all the questions and all the answers he gave me were on point-the dog was registered AKC, health test were normal, parents sizes, colors, heights, etc...on and on 18 pages of text to be exact!!! Then we were talking about shipping and I had more questions than I felt could text, so I called him. He talked knowledgably on the phone. I would send the money, and he would send me airline confirmation on Monday, and I would be all set to go pick up Oscar at the airport in Amarillo. I did check online to make sure it wasn't a scam, and I didn't see anything anywhere showing that it could possibly be a scam....NOTHING came up at all!!! (must have had a block of some kind, until the transaction was near completion)

I ran into an issue because my bank is not a national bank and didn't do the type of payment he requested, so I called him again..tried another method of bank didn't honor it as well..called again...he said to just send the money by Moneygram from Walmart on Monday and it would all be fine.

So Monday morning, I go to Walmart-hand the lady my cash, driver's license (that's been expired 6 months), ( she doesn't catch the expiration, and I didn't realize it either). The transaction is done and I leave. I sent Mr. Ramos, my confirmation receipt number and tell him he can go claim it in 10 minutes. He tells me he will have my confirmation tomorrow and I ask what size crate I need to bring, and he assures me that "Oscar" will come with a crate with the flight nanny.

The following day, I don't hear anything...I text him and say..I'm getting a little you have the details for me, as I need to get my plans in order to get to the airport tomorrow? NOTHING...... It's my mind, I fear I have been scammed...I look on the internet again...this warning pops up that yes, it was a scam... I send a text to the scam enforcement services and they verify that it is, and tell me to take my receipt back to where I paid my money and let them know that it was a scam.

I go to Walmart, tell them I was scammed..she pulls up the transaction, the money is still there!!! She takes my license and says "ma'am, I can't do anything for you, because your license is expired!" I then went and got it renewed...ran back as fast as I could and got my money!!! Long story short..I looked today, and the scammer is STILL on the internet scamming more and more people everyday, even after being reported numerous times.

What if I was an elderly person spending my Social S

ecurity check-because I was lonely on this precious little puppy?

What if I had had to go home and explain to my small child that that precious little puppy wasn't truly a real puppy and wasn't coming to live with us after all?? It makes me sick that there are that many horrible people out there doing these awful things to people. Be very careful-it can happen to anyone! The website looks perfectly legitimate!

Here are the pictures of the site-

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