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Shed hunting....another Saturday morning out in the field!

This is dad and Colt, Colt is one of his seasoned Labrador Retrievers that is almost four years old. He is dad's second dog that got him into the love of working with dogs and, loving training dogs, or as he says it, the dogs are the ones that are training him. He enjoys every minute that he gets to spend working with the dogs; whether it be hunting birds, ducks on the pond, working on perfecting their way of holding the practice dummy so that they are constantly getting better out in the field, or just riding in the Polaris out across the pasture with one of the dogs watching the beautiful sunrise in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Here, dad has purposely "planted" 4 deer sheds out across our pasture, as Colt is in the dog box in the back of the truck. Colt is not able to see where dad has "planted" these. He will find them based on the sight as smell of them when dad tells him, "Go find a bone."

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