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Shed Hunting, (hunting deer antlers) with Colt, the Labrador Retriever from Golden Hill Farm

There are several dogs here on the farm that are specially train to "go find a bone" by their sense of smell. One well-trained dog will cover five times more ground than the best shed hunter man or woman around. A dog can sniff out an antler when his master cannot. Most shed hunters have no interest in competition, they just want extra help finding the sheds and adding another season for them and their hunting dog, but there are place that one can go and compete with these dogs. Dad and Colt have spent a lot of time together, as Colt is just now approaching 4 years old, but this game is not an easy one to get started. It takes a very obedient dog to shed hunt. The dog has to learn by being successful, and it doesn't happen overnight. Hours and hours of time spent in the field, patience...lots of patience and the sheer joy of being together and both of them doing something that they are excited and passionate about. It's all about the love of being out in nature, the challenge of working together, and the love between a man and his dog.

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