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We are 10 days from puppies being ready to go home! Are you taking a cutie home?

If you're on the fence about bringing one of these cuties is your chance! There are a few left to choose from, and they are the sweetest! This is the 3rd litter for Ace and Harley and I have to say, they have done an excellent job of parenting the best once again! We even have a family that has adopted their 2nd Doodle almost in the same year! Asher, born in 2021, will be bringing home a baby brother, Bandit in just a few short weeks! I'm sure he will be a great big brother! I'm super excited for the Kenter family from Austin, Texas! I have Doodles going here there and every where.. Texas, Nevada.. and Oregon..let's get one to your state as well!

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