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What's the #1 question that I'm asked by puppy parents?

Life is all new for your new puppy, as this is the first time away from mom and it's brothers and sisters. I hope that all the things that I have done with the puppy, that you have had a fairly easy transition with the new transition to your home and new routine. It is perfectly normal for your puppy to be zooming around one minute and fast asleep the next. Most puppies during this time of their life will be sleeping up to 18 hours a day. This is totally normal and as the puppy gets used to it's new surroundings, it's sleeping patterns will start to normalize. The number one question that is often asked is about potty do you successfully do it?

Here is my best answer:




Buy a crate-Choose a crate with a dividing wall so that you can adjust the crate's size according to your puppy's growth. The crate should be large enough for your two month old puppy to stand up and walk comfortably in a full circle only.

introduce the puppy to the crate- The crate should be the "safe place" for your puppy. add their blanket, or shirt that smells like their favorite person for their comfort to make them feel all cozy. You will need to bribe your puppy at first with small bite size treats to go into the kennel, may even need to feed meals in there. Hopefully, with my training, they will be already very used to the crate

Keep the crate open-.Leave the door ajar until the puppy feels comfortable entering on it's own. Once the puppy feels comfortable, and has established it's crate as it's "safe place", you can close the gate for short bits of time. Start with 5 min, then 10 min, then get the point.

Crate placement-Start with the crate close by you as you watch TV, or do your work, etc. Place the crate close to your bed at night as well. This will help cut down on the puppy's separation anxiety while it's in the crate.

always bring your puppy to the same spot. Your puppy learns by the more times he comes back to that very same spot, the more likely he is to build a strong preference for that area.

Praise like crazy and treat, TREAT, TREAT! (THIS IS IN EVERY SUCCESS THE PUPPY ACCOMPLISHES!!!!)-Always have bite size, soft treats in your pocket at all times or even use their dog food. (see what I like to offer on my other pages) Reward your puppy often and immediately after it has gone to the bathroom in the correct spot. Never get mad at your puppy or scold your puppy for having an accident inside. After 3 seconds-the puppy has forgotten the situation-no matter what it is-has no idea why you are scolding it! ****************EXTREMELY IMPORTANT STUFF RIGHT HERE!!!!***************

We are setting you puppy up for SUCCESS!!!! It's not your puppy's fault if it doesn't succeed, it is YOURS! You are the responsible party here! If you are not able to SEE that puppy AT ALL TIMES, it is to be in the crate, until it is COMPLETELY potty trained. If it is out with someone in the house, it is to be TEATHERED WITH A LEASH to your person, or the person in charge of the puppy. This is the ONLY way to set that puppy up for success because you know at all times what that puppy is doing an can catch it when it's ready to go outside before an accident can occur and the successful pattern is broken. Sleep is overrated! LOL! The puppy will cry at night and will need to be taken out to go to the bathroom, go directly to the crate and to the potty spot. This will happen the first couple of nights, but will begin to get better as the puppy starts to sleep thru the night. Remember, we are setting the puppy up for success, please don't let it be free to roam, as it will have accidents.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to training- Training is a process and it does take awhile. Most puppies take well past 6 months. You're puppy will pick it up more and more every day. Stay consistent and positive, treat and praise!!! You all will have it down successfully and can be sooooo proud!

How long can my puppy hold it??? 2 months old ( 8 wks)-max of 2 hours

3 months old (12 wks)-max of 3 hours

4 months old (16 wks)-max of 4 hours

When will my puppy need to go poop???

20 mins after eating!

I hope this sets you, your family and your precious puppy up for success!

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