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After one of my puppy parents got home with their precious puppy, I received a message thinking that they were loosing ground on the training that the puppy had had prior to leaving my home at 8 weeks. I then decided that it would be in the best interest of my puppy parents, for me to continue the valuable training and sharing of my information. I have studied and gathered an amazing amount of research and factual information from some of the very best Veterinarians, doctors, doctors of psychology, nurses, Behavioral Scientists and researchers, breeders,dog trainers, etc.. Not only is this information difficult to sort through,-as to what is factual and what is not, or what works and what doesn't work, but it is time consuming to put it all together in a program, at the right developmental stages of the puppy. I have done just that, and my work is an open book, and I continue to add the latest and greatest information to it.
Socialization, is (not just meeting other dogs and learning how to get along), it goes much deeper than that! I'm here to help you with your puppy's manners and teach you how to have a very obedient, loveable, loyal amazing dog! Follow me through this course to discover for yourself how you and your puppy can start off on the right paw together and become the best team in accomplishing an awesome first year of your life together! 
    At this time, this class is only available to my puppies that are born and raised at my home and their new puppy parents. The class is done by and through this group, the forum, and by Zoom meetings.


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