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About the puppies and what they come with

Puppies will come with up to date vaccinations, dew claws removed, and our health guarantee. Also a goody bag with food, leash, clicker, toy, a blanket that smells like littermates and lots of good information to help with training at home. You will pick your puppies at 5- 7 weeks of age . They will be picked according to the first deposit paid to us. That person must stick with the gender that they chose to begin with. So if they paid their deposit first and chose a female, they get first pick of any of the females and then it goes to the second deposit holder and they pick based on the gender they picked and on down the line. We do our picking by way of FaceTime. You will have previously got to see all of the puppies close up by way of a one-on-one Facetime visit on one or more occasions. We reserve the right to first pick of the litter. These puppies will come with a spay/neuter contract only. I start training these puppies at just 3 days old with Early Neurological Training and Early Scent Training, and early socialization and Puppy Culture Protocol.  Your puppy will be leash trained, started on potty training, crate training, basic manners, and will be learning it's name. I spend a great deal of time training your puppy to be an asset to your family.   There is hardly a way to tell what the final outcome will be on size, type of curl or color as they are every changing through the first year. 

No Fluff, Tough Stuff

At Tya's Doodles our dogs are part of our family, they live with us, play, sleep & eat with us & are our constant companions. Each puppy is treated as if it is the first pup ever born on our place. We cherish every moment, from the first breath to the bittersweet goodbye of it going with you to its new home. We take great care of our dogs & trust in the finest Veterinarians in our area for the care of our dogs & the care of our puppies. When we select our new puppy homes at 7 weeks, we will send weekly updates & keep you posted on how your puppy is doing & growing & it's activities as we use the name that you have chosen so it will get used to it. Until it's time to pick your sweet one up at 8 weeks. 

We value that you have chosen to get your puppy from us & hope that you find this way of communication satisfying as it has come to our attention that many people would like to visit with our dogs before purchase. While we completely understand & would love to allow that, in home visits are just not allowed here. Why? Because the safety of our family comes FIRST as does the safety of our pups. We have to keep everyone & everything safe. Unfortunately, in today's world, letting strangers into your home is just not recommended. Also due to the fact, that most puppy illnesses can be carried in on the soles of shoes & could potentially destruct our "furry family." We hope you appreciate this as well for the safety & welfare of your new little ball of fur!

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"These puppies are raised based on these principals and other principals that I have learned, this provides them with a firm foundation, to be obedient, to want to learn, to be very loving and in turn they will be an asset to your family."

                        - Tya

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